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Daily Bull 10.19.15: SEC West Recap

It was a good weekend for all kinds of Tigers

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports


We all remember Saturday. The team arrived at the cusp again but couldn't turn the corner. It's a game that stings because for all that was done wrong, there were also things done right. Even so; we've got another tough test in Oxford looming. Here's what happened elsewhere over the weekend.

TIGER ONE: LEXINGTON. In a viewing experience akin to watching 3.5 hours of Murder, She Wrote reruns with Ted Nugent (you knew they'd get to the bottom of it eventually but that voice your head was screaming for gunplay anyway) Auburn just out-#blessed Kentucky and pulled off their first SEC win of the season. Neither team deserved to win, really, but Kentucky just happened to be the team that wasted their final opportunity. This play was a representative microcosm of the entire ordeal.

TIGER TWO: MEMPHIS. Hold on, this ain't your usual Memphis team. It's a good deal tougher and very soundly coached, which is why they're one of the G5 darlings this year. They came out and kicked Ole Miss in the teeth, then weathered the second half after it initially looked like they were going to throw the lead away. The quality of this Tigers team doesn't soften the blow for Ole Miss, as it's the equivalent of getting kicked in the ribs by your no-account landscaper cousin after you've slipped in the brandy that spilled when you dropped your decanter on the way back out to the veranda. Or something.

TIGER THREE: BATON ROUGE. When the reporter asked Les Miles about the call to run the fake FG pitch to the kicker for a touchdown that would seal the win against Florida, there was that initial glint in his eye; the creasing of the brow that gave away what he really wanted to say: "what the hell else was I gonna do there?" Florida slugged it out admirably on the road without their starting QB, but that spark of magic was too much to overcome. Fournette got his 180 yards. The LSU defense played well. We'll have to keep waiting for this Tigers team to play their first jinxed game. [THAT'S CALLED FORESHADOWING]

THE BULLDOGENING: STARKVILLE. Louisiana Tech had a quick start in the 11 AM matinee thanks to Florida transfer QB Jeff Driskel, but the State team eventually woke up and took care of business. The Bulldogs are sitting at 5-2 with Kentucky on the schedule next and remember you can't spell "Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl" without CLANGACLANGACLANGACLANGACLANGA.

Arkansas was mercifully off this week.