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Daily Bull 10.13.15: The Carousel

let's play golf
let's play golf
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

GET YOUR BACKGROUND TURNT. Hurry up and get these right now because they're only good for a few more days: BTHO ALABAMA WALLPAPER for your computing devices. They come in Kyle Field, Kevin Sumlin, Kyle Allen, Myles Garrett, Christian Kirk, or Josh Reynolds varieties.

LA SHUFFLE. Well, folks, you're gonna hear a lot of gab about the USC job in the forseeable future (hell, both USC jobs for that matter) and you're gonna hear Sumlin's name being bandied about quite freely.'s O-kay. No need to mash the Panic Reply button on your internet. But first, let's not pretend that USC is not one of the premier jobs in college football. It's at or near the top. It's prime. It's coaching a historic legend of a program in a beautiful climate where movie stars live. Any coach would be flattered to be considered. HOWEVER. Sumlin seems to want to accomplish more at A&M and if and when he moves on it will most likely be on his terms, because he does everything on his terms. We won't pretend to have any clue as to his personal preferences as far as jobs go, but different coaches value different factors when considering these things. Besides, Kliff Kingsbury was born to coach USC.

FAREWELL, OBC. We wish it hadn't happened this way, but Spurrier is done coaching at South Carolina. Ryan Nanni of EDSBS gives an excellent sendoff, and this whole paragraph is just...yeah it's just perfect.

I'm just fucking bummed. For nearly three decades, Steve Spurrier has made college football so goddamn FUN. He's taken three different moribund programs and brought them to prominence. He's lit up scoreboards and given us a dozen fantastic quotes. He's driven Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn, and Florida State fans insane at various junctures, and if you can't appreciate the torture of one of those groups, what the hell are you even doing watching this sport? He's equal parts stubborn old man and carefree teenage misfit. He's a Heisman winner and part of what might be the worst team in NFL history. He's a legend, but he doesn't want your adoration. He just wants to whip your ass and have a laugh doing it.

We'll miss the hell outta you, Coach. Glad you and Sumlin got to share a few jabs.

BUNCHA SHORT ANSWERS JUST NEEDS TO THROW A LONG SENTENCE OUT THERE C'MON. Aggie OC Jake Spavital visits with Dari Nowkhah of the SEC Network about Kyle Allen's emergence as a vocal team leader, keeping a competitive balance between Allen and Murray, and the recruitment of Christian Kirk. Really cool stuff.


A few words. Just a few.

Something horrific happened yesterday that involved a former player. We know nothing about it save for what's been reported, and pretty much every clamoring voice you'll hear sounding off about it knows nothing more either. The only one who knows anything is the tormented and disturbed individual at the center of it, and the problems surrounding mental health and violence go well beyond the sound bytes of a news cycle. Your reaction is up to you, but we would like to avoid the cacophony of this discussion and step back and reflect with a human eye. Our energy is best channeled into healing wishes and prayers for the victim, the families, and even Thomas Johnson.