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OPEN THREAD: Arkansas vs. Alabama


John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening, folks. Definitely nothing to say about that one Big 12 game in Dallas, nope. No one cares, probably. Anyway, a few other things.

  • Avoid Michigan this season if at all possible. Good God.
  • Not even wearing purple and playing in daylight can slow down Fournette.
  • Tennessee tried the other side of deficit football and so far it's worked out. It's tied right now in the fourth quarter at the time of writing, which will inevitably be inaccurate within five minutes.
    EDIT: yes, Tennessee scored as the story was publishing.
    (Best of wishes to Nick Chubb and we hope it's not as bad as it looks.)
  • Mississippi State took out a bit of frustration on Troy. Dak didn't have to play much and they rested him quite a bit.
  • Many other things happened.

This should be some ugly, physical football, and the came could end by 8 o'clock. Let's all watch and overanalyze everything.