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Daily Bull 1.7.15

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

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CAUGHT A FEVER. The force of SEC hoops was too much to overcome last night, as the Ags dropped their first conference game on the road against Alabama. Well, "dropped" is being kind, I guess. Looks like it's gonna be another year full of hope and good feeling!


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OL TUESDAY. Yesterday was chock-full of official lineman news that we all pretty much already knew: Germain Ifedi is staying for another season (at least), and we got a new offensive line coach. Still just whistling over here in the corner with our hands in our pockets waiting on the rest of the staff to fall into place, but so far it's been a pretty damn good week of off-season with two extremely skilled and experienced coaches joining the program.

HAS reviews the off-season. America's favorite h8er coach is back to break down how the bowls went. READ THE WHOLE THING, OBVIOUSLY, but here's some Big 12 hatin' to get you all primed up:

Charlie Strong's all about values, so he's got to admire the bargain of only driving two hours to lose by 24 points.

Maybe they should rename it the Russell Book Smart Bowl, Oklahoma.

It's okay, Baylor, Jesus ain't made his comeback yet either.

The man's a treasure.

Have a quick Wednesday and let's get this first week out of the box behind us.