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Daily Bull 1.6.15

Grab a discarded styrofoam plate for a heaping helping of January filler.

This looks delicious and therefore cannot be LSU's offense.
This looks delicious and therefore cannot be LSU's offense.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

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HOOPTY-OOP. Aggie Men's Basketball tips off SEC play tonight in Tuscaloosa. The game's at 8:00 on SECN with Dari on the call. PICK AND ROLL TIDE. Hop on over to Roll Bama Roll for some numbers and stats and all sorts of stuff on tonight's matchup.

Have some bitter despair with your coffee. Team Speed Kills rolls in 2015 and reminds us that WE R OLD by pointing out how long ago crucial recent events in school happenings took place in the grand scheme of things. Like this, see:

  • Alabama: Jay Barker beat Miami (FL) to win a national championship closer to the release of Pong than to now.


But there is hope. When Chavis landed at Easterwood, he spoke. And he said there was good defensive talent on hand at Texas A&M. And the masses did rejoice and the optimism spiked and the off-season of anticipation grew longer. But no, really, we have some excellent underclassmen on defense right now.

No offense given. Or taken. Or even presented. Reports say that the lack of any sort of productive offense was the main factor contributing to Coach Chavis' decision to move on and leave Baton Rouge. You can only expect the pastry chef to churn out flawless gourmet desserts for so long while the main kitchen is slopping out bologna and stale crackers. Welcome to Kyle Field, where we know fine cuisine.