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Daily Bull 1.5.15

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

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Happy Monday, People of Good Bull Hunting. Hope everyone enjoyed their time off, now let's get back into the swing of things. January is prime 'crootin' season, so get ready for lots of SERIOUS INDUSTRY on the Internet as hordes of erstwhile rational middle-aged humans lose their ever-loving minds over the tweets of teenagers. If that's not your thing, well catch some #SECBasketballFever as conference play gets rolling. Let's get our 2015 on. To crib from our pal Jimmy Gards, "let's forcibly boot this porcine brute in a place that shan't be named."

And speaking of recruiting... oscarwildecat breaks down the cornerback situation, since it's key to a quick turnaround for Chavis. Who are we gonna get? Who's moving around back in the secondary? Who left Nicholas Cage pictures on my desk while I was on vacation? Important questions, all.

It's early yet. But never too early for football. Friend of the site Brandon Wheeland makes FIVE BOLD PREDICTIONS for 2015 in the latest edition of the DMN College Sports Blog. List looks good to me.

THERE'S A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN. You think he's not ready to wrangle this defense into shape? Just get a load of this lede from the Houston Chronicle:

COLLEGE STATION - Former LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis stepped off a private jet in Aggieland on New Year's Day sporting a suit and cowboy boots.

His next step? Kicking a sagging Texas A&M defense into shape in the SEC West.

The Yee-haw scene? The Yee-haw scene.

Have a Monday, I guess. We've already got one full week of off-season under our belts!