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Daily Bull 1.27.15

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

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Commemorate the Aggies win at the 2014 Liberty Bowl with this official Adidas t-shirt for $21.99.

RECRUITNEWSGATE 2015. Forget the blizzard in the Northeast, there's another storm a-brewin' down here as two of the 'crootin' #industry heavyweights squared off on Twitter yesterday to evaluate each others' manliness. Here is the blow-by-blow summary from Jason Kirk, and here is cuppycup's in its' optimal state: with Saved By The Bell GIFs.

Oh did you hear? Aggie Mens' Hoops is RECEIVING VOTES, Y'ALL. Tonight's Auburn game preview comin' up shortly.

Hey, ever wanted to go to the beach in Orlando? Well NOW YOU CAN DO IT AT A FOOTBALL GAME! (Note: not a real beach and not a real football game.) Oh and that red and peeling beach bum in khaki shorts who is finishing off everyone's drinks is actually Coach George O'Leary. It's like DisneyWorld for sprots fans. Don't get any crazy ideas just because we're in the midst of renovating Kyle Field, Board of Regents dudes.

Too much. The WBB team went on the road to #1 South Carolina and hung tough for a half, but the #1 team was too much in the end, and the Ags fell 79-61. Full recap on the way.