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Daily Bull 1.26.15

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

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Commemorate the Aggies win at the 2014 Liberty Bowl with this official Adidas t-shirt for $21.99.

STOP TWEETING RECRUI--- oh, wait, nevermind. Carry on, Johnny. John "Witty Nickname of the Moment" Manziel sent a quick line to current QB target Kyler Murray, who's been setting Twitter afire in his own right over the past week. Who needs TV?

TOP 10 SHOWDOWN. The WBB team will head to Columbia ranked #10 to take on the undefeated and top-ranked Gamecocks tonight. Tipoff is at 6:00 on ESPN2. USC is not taking the game lightly, though, since the Ags have won all three games in the series since joining the SEC.

Well...yeah... now 'croots are tweeting pics of coaches? Madness. This time it's Kevin Sumlin speaking at Junior Day pointing out that the SEC had three times as many players drafted in 2013 as the Big 12. MATHS.

STOP LIVING IN THE PAST. OK, sorry. Team Speed Kills points out that the latest mock draft from the mockingest drafters out there, Mocking the Draft, has eight SEC players going in the first round.

WHO WILL THINK OF THE KIDS? Poor Frank's still sad that Aaron Moorehead left for College Station.

Kick the hell outta this Monday, people. Almost done with January.