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Daily Bull 1.20.15

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

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Commemorate the Aggies win at the 2014 Liberty Bowl with this official Adidas t-shirt for $21.99.

CHARTS AND GRAPHS AND STARS AND WHATNOT. If you enjoy recruiting rankings trends and plotting points, we've put together a nice collection of visuals for you. Enjoy the formulating but please remember to extrapolate responsibly.

AND SOME MORE OF THEM. Jason Kirk from the mothership breaks down the Super Bowl rosters to prove the subjective point that the B1G rules everything. In fact, the only school with more players in the Super Bowl than A&M has is Wisconsin, which is a smoooooth transition into...

SUPER BOWLING. Congrats to all the Ags headed to the biggest football game in the universe in two weeks. Running back Christine Michael and BMX amateur Michael Bennett are joined by a pair of our favorites from the 2012 team:

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.