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Daily Bull 1.12.15

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Today it ends. College football will be officially over tonight when one of the two upstart playoff teams hoists the trophy up valiantly in the sterilized Jerryworld air. It's been an...interesting ride for us this season, and we're all looking forward to one of the hypiest off-seasons in a while. I also kind of dig having this whole extra week before the title game to sort of ease out of things. BTHO malaise this summer, folks.

Call it a comeback. Women's Bouncyball overcame a horrendous 18-point first half yesterday to topple LSU 55-48 at Reed Arena. Coach Blair and co. will get a much-needed weeklong break before their next game on Sunday. They'll be hosting Ole Miss in a game televised by the SEC Network.

WHOAAA, FROGGIE. Ken Hill (the elder) went on record saying Kenny hasn't decided on TCU, or any other school for that matter as of yet. The dead period ends on Thursday, so we'll have to wait a few days yet to find out. Still, best of luck wherever he ends up.

POOLGATE 2015 CONTINUES. Coach Sumlin goes on record to clear up some of the confusion around the incident surrounding the swimming pool gentleman.

That thing has kind of taken a life of its own. It’s a lesson for young people. If you have someone over at your house, there’s a degree of privacy that people who are working there need to respect. When you put it on Twitter, it jeopardizes that privacy. I didn’t fire him. The head of that pool company is a good friend and I told him that he didn’t have to get rid of him, he just can’t come back to my house anymore. I think it’s been blown out of proportion, but there are lessons that could be learned from that.

Excellent work, Mr. Wheeland.

Have a great Monday.Enjoy the last day of college football season.