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Daily Bull 9.8.14

Bob Levey

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HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE. Weather delays aside, we should be settling into a normal college football rhythm now after the early game in week 1. The five-day work week may be hell to re-adjust to, but the football distractions are most welcome.

TUNNEL VISION. Strap on a helmet cam and virtually make the team entrance through the fog. Another great vid from AggieFBLIfe.

DAMN, Coach! Sumlin is a perfectionist, and was therefore not 100% pleased with the way the game was played on Saturday night. He offered a critique on turnovers and penalties, and also had this to say about Speedy Noil's 67-yard punt return:

"I got on him a little bit," Sumlin said. "He made some electric plays but I told him: ‘We didn’t bring you here to fall down at the 4-yard line.’ So he was a little upset by that."

I bet he was. But I bet he scores next time, too.

Good news, everyone! According to their website, The MOB is coming on Saturday.