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Daily Bull 9.30.14

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Use The Force
Use The Force
Tom Pennington

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"Dream" being the operative word here. This happens ever year, but not like this. The Cleveland Plain Dealer put together a phantasmagorical list of B1G coaching hires that includes Sumlin at Purdue. B1G Football, B1G Ambitions.

CONGRATS 29. Deshazor Everett was named Defensive Player of the Week by SEC Sports following his monstrous 16-tackle performance against Arkansas on Saturday. It's nice to have defenders recognized by the SEC, too. I'd hazard a guess that this didn't happen in 2013, although I have not done the fact-checking.

Well...bye. Our favorite mild-mannered pundit, ESPN's Danny Kanell is "bailing" on us for this year. I didn't realize he was on board with us, but best of luck wherever you end up, Danny. You keep doing you.

WHAT IF??? Noted horse enthusiast Adam Jacobi poses the question: what would happen should all SEC West teams finish 9-3 with 3 SEC losses? The real answer would probably be chaos on such a scale that the comments section of the aforementioned article appears tame.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay way too early Heisman talking. USA Today's week five polling has Oregon QB Marcus Mariota with a comfortable lead over Georgia RB Todd Gurley, with Kenny Hill and Amari Cooper rounding out the top four. One notable absence from this week is the reigning Heisman winner.