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Daily Bull 9.29.14

"Do you know who I am, Mr. Lounds?"
"Do you know who I am, Mr. Lounds?"
Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

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Charts and graphs and charts and graphs and...It's only Monday but here's your infographic teaser for the week. The Riffety-Riffety-Riff Graph gives us one more glance back at some numbers from Arkansas while simultaneously whetting our appetites for a more substantial visual on Wednesday. Bon apetit.

What about those other guys? It took a while to realize it once the game ended, but there were other football things going on this weekend. Lucas Jackson takes a look at what happened around the SEC and touches on who's doing what well, and who really sucks needs improvement.

HEY WE'RE STILL FAVORED ON THE ROAD NEXT WEEK barely. We've opened up as a meager 1-point favorite in our 11 AM matchup against #12 Mississippi State on Saturday. Is this the earliest TV matchup ever between two teams in the top 12? Won't someone with some free time and a Google help us out with this question?

The West is the best. We all know that our division is the gold standard in college football. It's pretty widely acknowledged these days with six teams in the top 15 and all but two teams undefeated five weeks into the season. But who comes next?  Bruce Feldman ranks the rest of the divisions in the four power conferences that have them.  Hint: #2 and #3 are even West-ier than us.

Remember that Mississippi State offensive lineman who got in trouble for STEPPING ON PEOPLE ON PURPOSE?Well, Dawg fans are gonna show their support for him on Saturday by wearing fake arm tattoo sleeves and oh god why is truth so much more entertaining than fiction?