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By the Numbers: Arkansas

Emotions and numbers do not always go hand-in-hand. But here we try to make some sense of what happened at JerryWorld yesterday.

"I got this."     "Me too."
"I got this." "Me too."
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

0: This is how much hope we (and that probably means most of us; be honest with yourselves) had when we were down by two scores in the fourth quarter and could not get anything going. Not even the proven reassurance that Kevin Sumlin was not any of his predecessors could help those old anguishes from flaring up. Then the ending happened.

1: This was Kevin Sumlin's first overtime game at the helm for the Aggies. With all the dramatic victories, it took until his 31st game to get there. Arkansas won the coin toss and was quick to choose defense first, but we all know that plays right into Sumlin's MO. We scored on one play and momentum was completely in our favor after that.

2: Those cornerbacks. Everett and Harris combined for 26 tackles. That's almost a third of the team's total tackles. This may seem like a horrible number on the surface, and it's admittedly not ideal. But many of them came on run support in the second half, and Harris' tackling has improved drastically in the last two seasons. And Everett is simply a natural football player. The glue of this young defense.

3: Kenny Hill touchdowns in the fourth quarter and OT after just one through the first three quarters. I'm hoping that waiting until the last minute to be awesome is not going to be his new thing, but as far as having a thing goes, I suppose there are far worse things he could have.

4: Catches by Edward Pope, including a circus TD grab early in the game and an 86-yard bomb late. Add them all up and that's 151 yards. Speedy and RSJ are great receivers, but Pope and Reynolds are also proving that they're the real deal and having all four of those guys out there on the field at the same time is almost going to be unfair when the offense is clicking. Almost.

5: Tackles for loss by the defense. No sacks this week, but with Arkansas running the ball like the original Tecmo Bowl and having seven 300-lb guys in to pass protect on the occasional play-action, this is a decent number.

6: Rushing yards given up to Arkansas in the fourth quarter. (Thanks again to Todd on that.) Mark Snyder has talked this year about having the depth at defensive line to compete, and this is where it showed. Having fresh bodies to wear down that BIGGEST OFFENSIVE LINE IN FOOTBALL is what won that game for us. Winning games is sweet, but winning SEC games in the trenches is something else altogether.

7: This many guys had at least seven tackles. Most of them were linemen and linebackers. This is good, right?

8: Nick Harvey did a nice job fielding punts until it was Speedy Time in the fourth quarter, but gotta tackle the punter. Even if it's an Australian punter.

9: Players with a reception. Kenny's still spreading the ball around, even in close games like this.

13: This is how many years it's been since we were 5-0 to start the year. That year we lost our sixth game on the road against a tough ranked Colorado team and would finish the season 7-4 in 2001. 2014 is not equal to 2001.

14:00. Difference in TOP, everyone's favorite meaningless or meaningful stat. This is actually closer than some had expected. In unrelated news, Texas State beat Tulsa in triple overtime despite a TOP deficit as well nice job Texas State coach.

523: We still got this many yards of offense after putting approximately 88 rounds of live ammunition to each of our horribly mangled metaphorical feet for 3+ quarters? This offense is a mystical entity.