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Daily Bull 9.24.14

Wesley Hitt

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Sit tight, folks. We'll get you through the next couple of hours until the TAILGATE opens for business.

OH WAIT YOU THOUGHT THE HORSE PUNS WERE OVER? NOT A CHANCE. Last Saturday's Women's Equestrian "Mane Event" Freestyle featured a special ode to the football team's entrance. Pretty good form and footwork. (Special thanks to Darwin '83 and Jenny '84 Pluhar of Canyon, TX for the video scoop!)

God to see the SEC put their foot down. [Yeah, that's it on the puns, I promise.] The conference reviewed Saturday night's MSU-LSU game and suspended the Bulldogs' center Dillon Day for their next game, i.e., us.

HAS strikes again. The OBC made a veiled reference yesterday to a certain team's schedule, and KDS responded with a pretty nice comeback. These two guys know how to develop a rivalry. Outside of Les Miles, no coach in the SEC even comes close to having the personality of Spurrier and Sumlin.

LET THE CIRCUS BEGIN: it seems as though there may be a special guest in attendance on Saturday at Cowboys Stadium. He's a regular in the JerrySuites and the Browns have a bye, so it only makes sense. Gary and Verne, get your 2012 Alabama game rhetoric warmed up!