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Daily Bull 9.23.14

Scott Halleran

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ARE YOU AN ARTISTIC INDIVIDUAL? Good. In case you missed it, yesterday you got put on call to provide your finest Arkansas/Bielema-based MSPaint masterpieces. Email them to us at gbh at by this afternoon if you would be so kind for a chance at getting it into tomorrow's TAILGATE.

UH-OH HOW DO I COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF. It seems there is no shortage of optimism surrounding the Texas Longhorn program these days. Yesterday QB Tyrone Swoopes put the world on notice by announcing that he expects them to make the playoffs this year. Looks like amid all the disciplinary action Charlie Strong neglected to teach basic math.

That other kind of football. Looks like Martellus Bennett  had a pretty good Monday night game with a couple of touchdowns. If you're like me and just scan the NFL to see how Aggies did, stay tuned for our weekly Ags in the NFL recap where gigthem08 highlights the week's top performers.

STOMPGATE: the latest on the Mississippi State offensive lineman who stepped on some LSU guys is that he claims he didn't do it on purpose. Dan Mullen will address the media for the first time since the game today and no doubt this issue will arise. Do you want my scorching taek? Here it is: it's time for Mullen to put his foot down. He has a chance to step up and do the right thing instead of just toeing the company line. How would he feel if the shoe were on the other foot and one of his guys had been on the receiving end of 300 pounds in cleats? No sir, you can't shoehorn Day into the role of an innocent on this one. Time to bring this player to heel before he stomps again.

The Bulldogs' next game is October 4th when they host us.