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By the Numbers: SMU

A quick and cursory glance at some stats from Saturday's 58-6 win.

Scott Halleran

Points were scored, tackles were made, and business was largely tended to. A lot of guys got playing time, and no one got dinged up. All in all, it was a pretty great final non-con game before getting to the meat of the SEC West schedule. Here's our broad take on some of the stats from yesterday's game.

0. Turnovers forced. For the second game in a row, we failed to create a turnover, and for the third game in a row, we lost the turnover battle. This is something that we absolutely must get better at against SEC opponents.

1. Kenny's first pick. Cut it out and put it on the fridge, SMU. It looked like a route miscue between Hill and RSJ, but nonetheless it's now out of the way. Just a reminder that he is still a mortal like the rest of us.

2. Catches for Jeremy Tabuyo. Touchdowns for Jeremy Tabuyo. 40-yard average. Pretty nice little Saturday for the Hawaiian native against June Jones' old team. That second run and catch was just pure want-to. Well done.

3/3. Field Goals for Lambo, including a career long of 50. He also hit all seven extra points. His ability and confidence continues to grow heading into conference play.

4. Penalties on the first two offensive drives. We only got 3 points out of those two drives. We're gonna need to fix this and get some patented Sumlin quick starts heading down the stretch the rest of the year.

5.5. Myles is still sitting at the same sack total. Doesn't matter. He was still pressuring the QB and creating mismatches that allowed other guys to get pressure.

6. This many players recorded a sack. See?

7. Tackles by Alonzo Williams, to lead the team. He threw in 1.5 sacks for good measure. Solid performance.

8. Total sacks by the defense. That puts us at 17 after four games. Last year we had 21 sacks in 13 games.

9.8. Average yards per play for the offense.

30. How about the number of catches Malcome Kennedy has on the year. That's good for #2 in the SEC behind Crimson-borg Amari Cooper, who is on pace to have like 200 catches for 5,000 yards and THREEVE touchdowns.* Even with the embarrassment of riches at the wideout position, it's clear that Hill has found a dependable go-to target.


212. Total rushing yards for Arkansas, at home, against a MAC opponent. I didn't watch very much of this game at all, and I know they got a couple of non-offensive touchdowns early, but this seems a little bit encouraging.

241. Total yards allowed. That's the fewest since...well, only since South Carolina State in 2012. But against an FBS opponent you'd probably have to go back a really long time.

663. Total yards gained. We are so spoiled, y'all. I remember when an Aggie QB getting 200 yards passing was a big deal. That was in this millenium, by the way.

* Numbers may not be accurate.