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Daily Bull 9.2.14

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

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Even now, we get the "Johnny [INSERT FUNNY HERE]" But we'll take it. Finally some are realizing that our coach might just be a sharp fellow and not just riding the coattails of a Heisman winner. Of course, we've been telling you this for a while, but we also told you that Jake Spavital was arrested naked in Joker makeup defacing a Lamar billboard, so who is really to be believed nowadays?

Just a bit more on last Thursday. Because why not talk about it? One more look at the A&M offensive machine from the mothership. Suddenly September looks pretty sweet.

Wait is that even an option because I don't think so really. This headline is confusing:

Should the Browns have hired Kevin Sumlin instead of drafting Johnny Manziel?

I don't really think that's an option because you can't switch a draft pick for a coach hire and probably a bunch of other business/legal issues and stuff.

POWER, RAW POWER. Team Speed Kills released their newest power poll today and the Ags are sitting pretty at #3.