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Daily Bull 9.17.14

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

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Another fast start. The Star-Telegram with a look at how Coach KDS feels that youth is an advantage when facing unexpected success. That's good, because we've got 14 freshman playing right now.

GOOD NEWS. Looks like we'll have Mastro, Henderson, and Mike Matthews back in action for SMU. Speedy will miss the game and the staff will evaluate him the following week to make a determination after that.

THE HAS IS BACK. And more fiesty than ever. After a huge win against a top 10 Georgia team, our special guest from earlier this year Hatin Ass Spurrier is in fine mettle this week:

Makes sense that AT&T is the official cellphone provider of Georgia football what with all those drops and gaps in coverage.

Don't feel bad, Vanderbilt. Phil Fulmer's struggled with Mass for decades.

Well he ain't named Charlie Smart, is he?

SAY, DID Y'ALL SEE THOSE THROWBACK UNIFORMS THAT RCB05 MADE? (and whatever you do, don't post the picture without accreditation or you will feel the full and unrelenting wrath of Aggie Twitter)