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Daily Bull 9.16.14

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

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WELP. Speedy Noil's injury has been identified as an MCL injury and the true freshman phenom WR will miss 3-5 weeks. The difference in that 3 and 5 is crucial, too, as the two extra weeks are Ole Miss and Bama. Here's to a quick recovery.

Dirty Dozen: the SA Express-News ranks the 12 FBS programs in the state each week, and this week we slid past Baylor for the #1 slot. #4 looks a biiiiit overrated, and poor #12 will likely not climb again after Saturday.

MIDNIGHT YELLIN' If you're a Dallasite or are heading up for the game, Midnight Yell will be in the parking lot of the Four Corners Brewing Co. Let's have a peaceful one, OK? The SMU fans aren't going to pull a South Carolina, and if they do, well, they're in for a long enough season already.

POWER POLLS POWER. Team Speed Kills with the latest power rankings has a new #1 sheriff in town and look who it is. Oh but also, zing, etc.

They would be No. 14 on my SEC Groundskeeping Power Poll ballot.


Interesting, if true. According to, former SMU HC and A&M assistant Tom Rossley will begin consulting with SMU's offensive staff. No word on whether or not SMU has plans to bring in Wally Riggendorf to run the defense.