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Daily Bull 9.1.14

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

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Playoffs?!?! Yep, Spencer Hall is high on the Aggies as he's pegged us as a way-too-early-to-tell playoff contender based on week 1 results. With the big test behind us, it's time to take care of non-con business this month so we're still clicking on all cylinders for conference play.

The Big Picture. Bruce Feldman breaks down the South Carolina win and talks about why he thinks this team is so damn good. Feldman wasn't completely shocked at Thursday night's fireworks as he spent a few days at fall camp watching the Aggies prepare.

Hoo boy. SMU had a rough night of it last night, getting pummeled by Baylor 45-0. The Bears sacked various Pony quarterbacks eight times, so let's go Myles. We head to Dallas to take them on in three weeks. SMU finished with 67 total yards.

Speaking of numbers... We had a lot of them on Thursday, and Ranger222 has broken them down. CONTAINS PASSING DIAGRAMS AND DELICIOUS PIE CHARTS.