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Daily Bull 8.5.14

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

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THAT'S A LOTTA TEEVEES! If you missed the announcement yesterday, DIRECTV has jumped aboard the SEC Network train. That brings the total number of households with the network at launch time to somewhere around 87 million. Not too shabby for a sliver of East Texas.

Buncha cheaters with their fancy iced cookies I tell you what. South Carolina has self-reported a number of secondary violations, including impermissible icing on cookie cakes. Hopefully this firestorm will blow over by the time we roll into town. Hey South Carolina, you want to see a secondary violation just throw some wheel routes against us AMIRITE? Our pals over at Garnet and Black Attack were of course all over the story.

Freshmen phenoms. With plenty of 2014 commits figuring to see some PT this year, two of them are already turning heads at practice. Speedy Noil and Myles Garrett both look like they'll be starters from day 1Starting defense! A place at the table!

Good news, GameDayHeads. Looks like the first hour will feature fewer commercials this year. You may think that is a Photoshop of Lee Corso wearing a Hooters racecar driving suit. Hard to tell, IMO.