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Daily Bull 8.4.14

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Practice. We are talking about practice. The team is into the thick of it now, and we've got the best player tweets from over the weekend to prove it. If you stare at that calendar hard enough, it might jump forward a day or two.

Who's down with OBC? This is a great read on Steve Spurrier, now entering his 10th season at South Carolina and 23rd in the SEC overall as a head coach. He's a one-of-a-kind and hopefully he'll be around as long as they let him.

OK, confess...who else is gonna read this thing? Brandon Larrabee from Team Speed Kills reviews the Paul Finebaum book "My Conference Can Beat Your Conference."  The book goes on sale tomorrow if you wanna hang up an' read it.  Looks good:

In a concession that will surprise precisely no one, Finebaum essentially admits that he intentionally stirred the pot early in his radio career to help the ratings. The discussion is so frank that it's almost refreshing.

SOON. Looks like Spav hopes to have the QB starter figured out within a couple of weeks. Not that they'll let us know once they do, of course.

And for no good reason other than it's an August Monday, here's Jackie Sherrill and Mark May sippin' the bubbly: