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By The Numbers: South Carolina

There were PLENTY of numbers to go around last night. Let's pick out a few.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

1. Shoutout to Brandon Williams here. He got the start (although that's a technicality in our stacked backfield) and had two quick touches to ease Kenny Hill into the game. The rest just snowballed. And that spin move on the third-and-short in the second quarter...good stuff.

2. Kaser punts. For a 48-yard average. Quiet, but still steady. If the offense keeps this up we may not even be able to lobby him into Ray Guy consideration because he'll have like 20 punts by November. PAWWWL THEM GUIDELINES AIN'T FAIR.

3. Rushing TDs for Tra Carson. Passing TDs for Kenny Hill. Somehow this seems like the offense we wanted last year, only we're missing the most dynamic player we've seen in a generation. We're the talk of college football again, and people are surprised.

4. Passing TDs allowed. It's that one thing that we just can't quite...well, you know. Those two long bombs kept them in the game for the first half and also kept us on edge well into the fourth quarter with the way those PI flags were flying around like flakes in a snowglobe BUT ANYWAY.

5. Grabs by Ricky Seals-Jones, including a TD. He looked extremely comfortable and dominant out there on the field. We have so many different weapons at receiver who can do so many different things, but RSJ just has that extra factor that makes him look like he's on a completely different level.

6. QB hurries. To go along with three sacks. We had several really young guys getting pressure against what some consider one of the top OL units in the country. This is so encouraging after struggling last year to get any semblance of a pass rush.

7. Touches by Speedy Noil. Five grabs for an 11 yard average and a couple of punt returns (although his best was called back due to a penalty). And also... #7 KENNY HILL. School records falling left and right.

8. Penalties. Half of them were pass interference. This part of the game sucked. We did stay under 100 yards though! (95)

9. Third down attempts by South Carolina. They converted two of them. This might be the most telling of many telling numbers. Thank you, defense and Mark Snyder. #9 was also South Carolina's ranking going into last night. This is for real.

10:07; 10: TOP and points in the first quarter, respectively. Overall we had a TOP advantage of 15:16. Something something hurry-up something something SEC something.

12. Aggie players with a reception. Five of them had over 50 yards receiving.

14. Catches by Malcome Kennedy, for 137 yards. MK is Mr. Dependable out there, catching everything that comes his way, usually as a check-down option. His runs after catch in last night's game were phenomenal. He knows exactly where the first down marker is at all times.

23. How about Armani Watts? He had two huge hits that led to pass breakups (one would have been a TD) and the game's only turnover with a nice center-field interception. Pretty good for a true freshman.

31. Combined carries for the three running backs. They each also had a catch. Averaging double-digit touches for these three with all the weapons we've got at receiver hauling in 40+ total catches is pretty much about as perfect as you could execute this offense.

44. Completions by Kenny Hill. On 60 attempts. That's a nice 73% if you're curious.

67. Yards rushing by South Carolina. Granted, they had to sling it most of the second half because they were behind and also their star running back was hurt BUT STILL.

102. Rushing yard advantage for the Ags. See #10s above, etc.

511. Passing yards from Kenny. On the road. Against an SEC team. A Top 10-ranked SEC team. In his first start ever. Yep, that's a school record.

680. Total yards of offense. That's the most South Carolina has ever given up in a game ever in history. Have we mentioned you should be optimistic about this season yet? Because it might be an option considering...

THAT'S IT FOR NOW. Bring on September and Lamar, Rice, SMU, and Arkansas.