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Daily Bull 8.27.14

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

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Just about there, folks. We're going to bludgeon you with content today, so bear with us. We don't know how well we practiced this summer yet. And on the final full day of this off-season, We'd like to commend the DMN's Kevin Sherrington for getting in one hell of a farewell shot in his latest column. Here's the headline so you can decide whether or not you wish to click the link.

Sherrington: Why Big 12 champ Baylor, not Texas A&M, is 'running this state'

Hey, we aren't the only ones playing on a weeknight on the East coast. You can catch Baylor at Buffalo two weeks from Friday night.

Digital Previewin'. Our counterparts over at Garnet and Black Attack have run some advanced software simulation modules and came out with a 42-35 South Carolina victory. It's probably as close as anything else.

Have a great Wednesday, and be safe if you're traveling.

On a sad note, Homer Jacobs '87, longtime Editor of the 12th Man Magazine, passed away yesterday.  Aubrey Bloom wrote a wonderful remembrance piece yesterday that touched on Homer's ability to relate to Ags of all ages. Let's take a moment to remember a great Ag.