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Daily Bull 8.26.14

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

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THE HELL'S GOING ON IN THERE??? blumby went to campus under cover of the night last night and was able to snag this actual eerie footage of Kyle Field at night. We're not sure what is happening there, but if it's scary for us it's probably even more unpleasant for opponents.

WHAT IF? Team Speed Kills gets all hypothetical about Thursday and predicts how things might play out if we pull the upset. I'd go further than saying we'd challenge LSU for third in the West if we can beat the Gamecocks on the road, though.

Kenny Hill speaks....except not really. Garnet and Cocky remarks that Kenny Hill hasn't said much, so they conducted an imaginary interview here in which Kenny was quite complimentary of the Gamecocks and also discussed his relationship with Manziel. Just 2 more days of this, folks.

Father Figures. An interesting look at the atmosphere around the program in the Fall of 2013, particularly the relationship between Sumlin and Paul Manziel, in this excerpt from the book Manziel Mania by Jim Dent.

When the football season started in September, Sumlin wanted Johnny to have some insulation from the outside world. The wall he would build would also cordon off Johnny’s own father.

The Natural State. Read this. An outstanding look at the state of Arkansas Football over the past decade or so and all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. Steven Godfrey does it again. And you thought we had strong feelings about ex-coaches...