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Daily Bull 8.25.14

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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Happy Game Week boys and girls. We've all been exercising our typing fingers and snark meters for you, so let's cruise into this season in style. So get some work done, get your affairs in order, or just watch the Simpsons marathon as you keep an eye peeled for our real football season stuff throughout the week.

WOO that's a shutout! The final scoreline didn't quite represent the dominance of the performance, but the soccer team got the 1-0 win against Stephen F. Austin last night to improve to 2-0-0 on the season.  The Aggies will host UCF on Friday night.

No love from the IBT. Not a lot of new insight here, but the International Business Times has now officially previewed Thursday's game. They're not keen on the Ags, predicting a 37-23 Gamecock victory. Let's show these guys a little bit about Business Time.

GIG 'EM, EGGS. There's a brand-new huge banner of Steve Spurrier hanging up at their stadium. The HBC's main concern? It getting egged if his team starts losing. Pack a dozen large grade A's if you're heading to Columbia, folks.

AND WE LEAVE YOU WITH A SPECIAL HOT MONDAY SPROTS TAEEEEK from the hilarious and original South Carolina beat writer Gene Sapakoff:

South Carolina will win its season opener against beat up and rebuilding Texas A&M on Thursday night at Williams-Brice Stadium. The No. 9 Gamecocks are simply better and Johnny "Football/Goofball" Manziel is in Cleveland.