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Dan Mullen Mic'd Up

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The future live audio schedule from the most dynamite-sounding coach in the SEC.

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We all fell in love with the intensity of an unfiltered Dan Mullen during his "mic'd up" feature on the first day of SEC Network programming. We have gleaned through exhaustive research the complete episode list for Dan Mullen's live, in-your-face reality soundbites that will be gracing your television sets in the days to come.

We sincerely wanted to include the video footage of the original segment but apparently it DOES NOT EXIST ON THE INTERNET, so please please help us out if you find it..

Dan Mullen Mic'd Up:

  • Dan Mullen Selects an Appropriate Tie for a Television Appearance
  • Dan Mullen Looks Up His House on Google Maps
  • Dan Mullen Replaces His Twitter Avatar
  • Dan Mullen Gets an Oil Change
  • Dan Mullen Enjoys a Taco
  • Dan Mullen Waits Outside a Krispy Kreme for the "Hot" Sign to Illuminate
  • Dan Mullen Requests a New Life on Candy Crush
  • Dan Mullen Draws a Stick Figure With an Erection
  • Dan Mullen Fumbles Around for 2 Minutes Before Realizing There's No Dick Window in This Set of Underwear
  • Dan Mullen Unboxes a Piece of IKEA Furniture and Stares Blankly at the Multitool
  • Dan Mullen Acquires a Houseplant
  • Dan Mullen Signs Hugh Freeze Up for Spam
  • Dan Mullen Changes a Light Bulb in the Kitchen
  • Dan Mullen Goes Fishing; Forgets Favorite Lure
  • Dan Mullen Cleans Out Cat Litter
  • Dan Mullen Drives the Speed Limit (Exactly)
  • Dan Mullen Sings "Shattered" in the Shower
  • Dan Mullen Attempts to Isolate the 23 Flavors Found in Dr. Pepper
  • Dan Mullen Manages DVR Recording Space
  • Dan Mullen Secretly Styles His Hair Like Bo Wallace's
  • Dan Mullen Casts Second American Idol Vote Using Wife's Phone
  • Dan Mullen Purchases DVD Copy of "Turner & Hooch" From Discount Bin
  • Dan Mullen Navigates Yoplait Automated Customer Service Menu
  • Dan Mullen Starts to Order a Sno-Cone; Decides Against It
  • Dan Mullen Dines Alone at Macaroni Grill
  • Dan Mullen IMDB's the Cast of "Frozen"
  • Dan Mullen Gets 3 Stars on All Levels of Angry Birds (multi-part series)
  • Dan Mullen Chews Gum
  • Dan Mullen Trims a Candle Wick
  • Dan Mullen Turns On the Sprinkler
  • Dan Mullen Does an Instagram
  • Dan Mullen Decides Which Gatorade Flavor He Prefers
  • Dan Mullen Votes in a Good Bull Hunting Poll [EXCLUSIVE]
  • Dan Mullen Makes the Perfect Glass of Chocolate Milk
  • Dan Mullen Gets Gas for the Lawnmower
  • Dan Mullen Calls Into Paul Finebaum Show as "Cloyd From Hattiesburg"
  • Dan Mullen Juliennes a Carrot
  • Dan Mullen Figures Out "LOST"
  • Dan Mullen Endorses Rice Chex
  • Dan Mullen Watches a Proactiv Commercial
  • Dan Mullen Maneuvers the Popeye's Drive-Thru
  • Dan Mullen Programs an XM Radio Station
  • Dan Mullen Shops at CVS
  • Dan Mullen Monitors a Weather Satellite Webpage
  • Dan Mullen Flips a Coin For No Reason
  • Dan Mullen Googles "Bitcoin"
  • Dan Mullen Orders a Pizza
  • Dan Mullen Tries to Pay for Pizza with Bitcoin
  • Dan Mullen Googles "Urban Meyer Sad Pizza" While Eating Pizza
  • Dan Mullen Beats "Oregon Trail"
  • Dan Mullen Goes To Bed