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Daily Bull 8.18.14

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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It ain't over yet. Sumlin gave the nod to experience over the weekend by naming Kenny Hill the starting QB. That doesn't mean the competition is finished though, as Kyle Allen is still ready to do work. Best of luck to both of these guys, and what a great time for Aggie Football.

What a bunch of toughies. The AP top 25 poll was released yesterday, and it looks like half our schedule is ranked. And that does include three top 10 teams if you are keeping score at home.

cuppycup meets the Aggies. The team got a pair of surprise visitors on Saturday as our fearless leader and Barbie Yell decided to pay their respects. Yep, it's still off-season, technically.

Hey, there's football next week. Scope out the full TV schedule and plan your weekend life accordingly.

10 days. We're almost to single digits, folks. So close.