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Stephen McGee: Texas A&M's Original SEC Quarterback

Stephen McGee is an Aggie legend: a crowd favorite when the crowds didn't have much to look forward to, he was the embodiment of grit and toughness with a bit of a chip on his shoulder during his time as the Aggies' starting QB. He made vomiting in the huddle cool in his game-winning drive in Austin in 2006, and his double-lasso celebration dance against Texas the next year solidified his place among our favorite players of the last several years.

The NFL thing didn't work out, as it turns out, and now he's in the Canadian Football League playing for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He's also venturing into the outdoor clothing line business with his wife, Britt. The above video chronicles all this, and it also gives us some insight into the personality of McGee, and to sum things up, he's just doing whatever the hell he wants.

Here are some highlights from the video:

0:47-- Stephen McGee has an epic beard. He is secretly aspiring to be on Duck Dynasty.

0:53-- Stephen McGee will shoot absolutely anything. With a gun he built himself. Don't mess with Stephen McGee.

1:05-- Stephen McGee has a house full of trophy animals.

1:14-- Stephen McGee doesn't mind helping to do the dishes.

1:29-- Stephen McGee claims to be frugal about taxidermy when his wife reveals that some of her kills are bigger than his.

1:45-- Stephen McGee has a pet bobcat. Yes, a bobcat. She sleeps in the sink. "Who needs a security system when you can have a bobcat?" he asks. Not you, Stephen.

2:30-- Stephen McGee has many many guns.

3:00-- Stephen McGee is very confident about his athletic abilities. "Shouldn't you be working out or throwing a football? Don't you go to Canada in like a week?" asks his wife. "Have you ever seen a cheetah warm up before he goes on a hunt?" he answers. "You ever seen him stretch?"

3:15-- Stephen McGee does not think too highly of Canada. He calls it "America's attic."

3:50-- Stephen McGee lets his model wife dress him as she likes, and seems to genuinely enjoy it.

4:11-- Stephen McGee tells his wife as they are preparing for a hunt that she must eat the raw liver and kidney of the ram she intends to shoot.

5:23-- Britt McGee will also shoot anything dead as she sees fit.

5:46-- Stephen McGee gets really excited after a kill, even when it's not his. "My lioness got her a kill," he says.

5:58-- Stephen McGee does not actually make his wife eat the ram's raw kidney and liver.

6:07-- Stephen McGee's got a little bit of white in that beard, it seems. Lends him an air of gravitas.

McGee was always a competitor, but he never really seemed like the type who would get caught up in the self-importance of being a professional quarterback. You always knew he was going to be a low-key guy who just looks at football as a day job. It's good to see him doing what he likes and speaking his mind in his own characteristic way.