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Daily Bull 8.12.14

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

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Welcome to the party, WaPo. The Manziel effect is still lingering as speculation is starting to spread nationwide about who will replace #2. No mention of the heated battle for the holder position, though.

About that defense. Sumlin spoke up yesterday after reviewing the scrimmage and said he was pleased with how the defense played Saturday. Senior Ivan Robinson, coming off an injury, played several snaps at defensive tackle and should be a big part of the rotation again. And fans of Cam Clear having an increased role in the offense have this to look forward to:

"Coach Spavital has done a great job, along with our staff, of investigating ways," said Banks. "We’re creating ways to get him some mismatches and get him open in the passing game. I see his role increasing. I see his role has already increased in practice. Usually in a 40-50 play script he’d be in 10 or 12 plays, [now] he’s in 20 to 25."

OH GOD MIZZOU WHY. The offseason takes another cruel jab at us as the Tigers' OL for some reason decides to twerk before running sprints. Two weeks and change, folks.  NOTE: link Rated "M" for "MAN-SIZED DANCE MOVES" and "MISSOURI."