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Daily Bull 7.9.14

Christian Petersen

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PAWWWLLL HOW COME AURBRUN GETS WAFFLE HOUSE THE RICH GET RICHER I'MMA HANG UP AN LISSEN. Our Mississippi State compadres at FWTCT whipped up some corporate-sponsored football jerseys yesterday in honor of soccer...or something. The oil money would go a long way towards important things that matter, like getting Coke instead of Pepsi, etc.

The Opening. Just a quick reminder that the camp for elite recruits is airing this week on ESPNU. If you're flipping through the channels and see a bunch of guys wearing neon and jumping on an electronic pad, that's college football recruiting.

14 for '14: Team Speed Kills continues its preview series with Texas A&M. No big surprises: a transitional year and perhaps a slightly-improved defense? One can dream.

Big award watchlist news coming today. Keep an eye out for our next feature on this.