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Recruiting Struggles Continue for Texas A&M

Things look great on the surface, but there are bigger problems deep down

Though things may seem fine and dandy in Aggieland recruiting services have the 2015 class rated as high as #2 the football program is struggling to recruit one key demographic: middle-aged internet dudes.

Things came to a head in the aftermath of Thursday's new locker room reveal, which, while immensely popular with current players and recruits, probably set efforts to recruit middle-aged internet dudes (or "MAIDs" as they are known in The Industry) back years if not decades. This critical barber shop mural, in particular, drew the ire of some notable MAID prospects:

MAIDs React

The prospects being shunned by the Aggies were quick to pounce on the newest weakness in the recruiting game. The following comments by various MAIDs were found on the internet :

Is that a t-sip hand symbol at the 0:06 mark? dafuq?

Such stupidity. City and state hand signs dumb****.

Sorry, I just don't see the damn H.

They need sign language because they can't read.

Get rid of it

Nice barbershop wall... featuring both the longhorn and cougar hand signs.

Definitely looked like a hook em (h-town) and guns up (yall are signing that's louisiana/the boot?) when I first saw it.

One side note:

Anybody else find the hand gestures a little odd in the graffitti? A side ways hook'em, grades up on the bottom..... A Wrecking Crew would have been a little more suitable if the traditional Gig'em thumb doesn't exactly resonate with the football team's culture that the Asst. AD was telling us in the Texags video.

I hope I'm looking at that at the wrong angle and that's actually a horns down

It's so obvious too. I really don't know why they would do that. I'm not complaining but it like throwing a party at your new million dollar home and leaving a baylor in the toilet for your guests to find.

This recruit is obviously only concerned with partying and Baylor's new stadium. Pass.

there's another on that mural that looks like it came from Lubbutt. [sic] wtf?

Libutti appears to be a prominent jeweler in Huntington, NY. Syracuse has already bought and paid for this prospect, but he had to get a jab in anyway.

That Hook 'em Horns sign on our locker room barbershop wall is going to go viral just like the "texsa" misspelling by the sips in 3, 2, 1...

The harsh fact of the matter is that the Aggies have landed only a handful of players from the MAID demographic in the past couple of decades (e.g., Mark Farris). Glitz and glamour may seem appealing in the short run, but without MAIDs, who will point out all of the football program's most trivial flaws and elevate them to matters of life and death?