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Daily Bull 7.30.14

Scott Halleran

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Get's an Aggie joke. The Dallas Business Journal breaks down SEC Network numbers, as might be expected from something called a Dallas Business Journal. EVERONE GON BE RICH.

#HairGate--Texas. Barking Carnival tackles Nick Rose's coiffure with aplomb in the form of this pretty good TwitterShop stream. Many of the handles appear to still be available, including my favorite, @DeLossedInTranslation.

Oops. Mississippi State landed their 100th 27th commit yesterday, but it seems like maybe they didn't really want him to commit. Don't act all surprised, Bulldogs, you were the only FBS school to offer him according to 247. So Dan Mullen's got that goin' for him.

Happy Anniversary. This is a great story about the 1939 national championship team led by John Kimbrough, who did this in his very first football game:

"When I was getting up, I felt someone pulling me on the arm," Kimbrough said. "I looked around, and it was this short man with a coat and tie on. It was (TCU coach) Dutch Meyer. His face was red, and he was calling me every name you could think of and some I’d never heard. I picked him up by his coat and tie and got him eye level with me. I said, ‘Coach, you’re too small to talk to me like that.’ Then he got off the field."

The legend kind of grew from there.