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Daily Bull 7.29.14

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

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Coach Sumlin wrapped up the Coach's Night circuit last night with the grand finale on campus. Next up: practice on Friday. You can just feel the relief that he's done with this part of the summer.

"What we did and what we have done is give our team the best chance to win, based on the pieces we have. Will that change? Yeah, I think it changed a little offensively. But you understand the type of pressure that that has put on some traditional people in this league, otherwise they wouldn't be bitchin' about it."

Sumlin said he was doing good right up until then. "That's this week's sound bite," he said.

Cashin' Out. Yeah just a Johnny Manziel jersey about to sell for six figures at an auction. And how would you like to pay, sir? Just put it on the card, thank you. No word on whether or not the jersey will be purchased by a grown man wearing cargo shorts.

Nice socks! Damontre Moore talks about how he's working to improve on his rookie season in this fairly laid-back interview with the NY Giants' SB Nation site Big Blue View.

Wideouts doing work. GBH favorite Tweeter EZ Nwachukwu and former WBB scout-teamer Travis Labhart are trying to make the Texans team. Best of luck to both of these guys. [deep intake of breath] Coach on the field crisp route runner good hands brings his lunchpail to work every day and most importantly JUST LIKE WES WELKER.