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Daily Bull 7.25.14

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

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Good morning, Ags. We are extremely happy that it's Friday. Yesterday was pretty uneventful. The Internet is terrible. Let's all get a dog. And please remember (I don't think I should have to remind you of this) don't make horrible, tasteless attempts at jokes that marginalize a very serious situation and problem. Just don't do it.

We're Texsa. Now here's some schadenfreude we can all get behind. Spellin' mistakes!

THAT BEING SAID. Vote please. Time's a-wastin'. I've really been enjoying the replays on the U.  When else can you get happy about Clemson beating Ohio State? Also, tonight is the Auburn-A&M re-air. Nothing could possiblie go wrong. Er, possibly go wrong. Hmm. That's the first time anything's gone wrong.

And speaking of train wrecks...Ryan Nanni revisits the legendary Crash at Crush, TX, perhaps a useful metaphor for Waco-centric football this off-season as we wait and see if they can maintain their high speed madness. If you're thinking this sounds familiar, it's because jimmygards wrote about it 16 months ago. Good Bull Hunting: cornering the market on obscure off-season curiosities since over a year ago.

When will the confusion about Lamar end? Hopefully never. Stick to Facebook, guy.

Top 40 Countdown. These good folks have the Ags at #29. Seems reasonable. They also use the adjective "dreadful" when discussing last year's defense, which just tickled my fancy. They also give much love to Tra, which is alright by me.

Have a massive Friday, folks. In five weeks from this minute I'll be enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee and writing a lovely By the Numbers for you after we've beaten the hell outta South Carolina. Where will you be?

Your Friday poll features one of our favorite actors. No pressure, but here is a picture of Scott Glenn in the movie The River.