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Daily Bull 7.24.14

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

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DON'T YOU FORGET. Vote for that Chick-fil-A Bowl so that we may do a bonus TAILGATE. (We're now in 4th place and have more 1st place votes than the 3rd place entry, so...) Also, tune in tomorrow night for the Auburn-A&M re-air if you are a glutton for punishment horsecollar non-calls.

STRONG TAEK. Seems the Aggies are the talk of the town in whatever town Big 12 Media Days is being held. The benevolent Longhorn overlord has now spoken in regards to resuming the rivalry. The reporters hushed in reverence to allow him to speak forth on the matter.

At some point it needs to happen. We need to play them.

Yes, you probably do.

Those crazy Aggies and their trademarks and whatnot. Now Utah State is getting in on the action. I thought that was the USA Soccer chant? So glad I'm not a lawyer, y'all.

It's OK to wear a KOHL's shirt!

Drew Kaser did it.