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Daily Bull 7.23.14

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

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Hey, did 'yall catch that Alabama game last night? Heartbreaker. The good news is we still have Duke coming up in the next couple weeks and I really like our chances in that one so go right here to this link to vote so that if we win you may read a bonus TAILGATE.

STADIUM WARS. We're not the only ones renovating, folks. Here are some alternate scenarios from Every Day Should Be Saturday that actually don't seem too far fetched in the very near future. Those Photoshops...(click the first  link for more)

STUFF THAT MATTERS: Madden rankings. Looks like The League has recognized Hard Work, Pedigree, and Family once again, as Jake Matthews is the highest-rated of the three Ag rookies in the new game. (*this is actually probably accurate because he has the best chance of having an immediate impact and he is also very damn good, gig 'em Jake).

Only several agonizing more weeks until football season, guys.

Are some kongrats possibly in order? Speculate, Ags.

Hope y'all enjoyed yesterday's poll. I made another: