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What kind of Aggie gear can you get at Kohl's?

It turns out the department store has a wide variety of Texas A&M merchandise.

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Chris McGrath

We've all seen this unfortunate recent news involving Kohl's. We recently perused the Kohl's online catalog of Aggie gear to see what kind of cool Aggie swag they offer. What follows is only a small sampling of nearly 300 Texas A&M products listed on their website.

Campus Cruzerz Texas A&M Aggies Sparkle Cabo Slip-On Shoes - Women


Nothing screams school pride like paying $40 for something that looks like it was manufactured in a prisoner-of-war camp. Also useful for walking on snow.

Texas A&M Aggies 6-pc. Grill & Cooler Set

Screenshot_2014-07-20_at_11.08.56_am Screenshot_2014-07-20_at_11.09.10_am Screenshot_2014-07-20_at_11.09.22_am

The beauty of this is in its simplicity: want a picnic with both cold drinks and hot grilled food? Just pack your drinks in the cooler (without ice), travel to your desired destination, unpack them, unpack the small grill beneath them, repack them, add ice, wait 2-3 hours for them to chill as you cook your food (note: do not plan on cooking food that requires a grill cover), then when finished, VIOLA! Simply remove remaining drinks, drain all ice and water, thoroughly wash the grill so it will not soil the cooler bag, replace grill, then replace uniced drinks on top of grill and you are ready to go home!

Texas A&M Aggies Media Organizer


Do people still read TV SCENE?

Texas A&M Aggies Tapestry Throw by Northwest


If I had a castle I would have many of these gracing the great hall. Scottish Lord-style.

Texas A&M Aggies Full Headboard


On sale for only $400! Marvel at the exquisite craftsmanship Photoshopping. Also be sure to check out "more views" for an added bonus.

Texas A&M Aggies Cheerleader Gnome



And finally...


We surely left off some more great products, so feel free to add them in the comments if you wish.