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Daily Bull 7.18.14

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

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FIRST THINGS FIRST. The two GBH gentlemen of #SECMD14 are safely home after yesterday's inclement weather. Please join me in heaping massive kudos upon DerekAggie06 and Hypno-Toad. Their body of work this week was thorough, timely, and just overall outstanding. They knocked out over 30 pieces, covered every school in the conference (pretty much) and even got on TV. Have a hell of a restful weekend, guys.

Speaking of weekends...Coach KDS is speaking here Sunday evening, so I'm going to see if GBH can make it to multiple events within a single week without being forcibly ejected. That's how streaks are built!

Gettin' Chippy. I joined Rick Muscles and banditref this week on their show to talk about Aggie Football, life, and various other things. A certain College Station establishment was named. And also Kaser for Heisman was discussed at length. And I make lots of BOLD PREDICTIONS for some reason.

Have a great weekend, y'all. Here's your Friday EZ Wisdom: