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Daily Media Bull 7.16.14

Day three of the frenzy

answering questions like he pinpoints his punts: with Kaser-like accuracy
answering questions like he pinpoints his punts: with Kaser-like accuracy
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

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First things first, ALL THREE OF OUR GUYS ARE AWESOME. If you weren't already a big fan of Ced, Shazor, and Drew by yesterday, then oh boy you should be. These are just the gentlemen Sumlin wants repping his battleship this year: guys who know what the hell they are doing and resenting the disrespect. HARUMPH.

This is where we'd normally put our daily update from Hypno-Toad, but we understand that the guys had the opportunity to interview original Johnny Manziel SEC QB Stephen Garcia last night and who knows what kind of books they started reading after that. See?

MISC: Hey Waffle House employees...STEP UP YOUR GAME.

[/reads this occurred in Massachusetts and not Hoover, AL]

[/breathes sigh of relief]

To the Facebooks. No matter how bad life gets, you always know you can turn to Facebook to see what's even worse in humanity. This is me surrendering, Facebook.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. The circus ends soon but there's still time to post those questions for Nick Saban before he takes the stand tomorrow. Remember all submissions should include at least one "PAWL", be in all caps, and be completely Bama-centric and unaware.