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Daily Media Bull 7.15.14


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Today's the day. SECMD14 features Sumlin and Spurrier today. Here's a sneak preview from Hypno-Toad:

Session 1 - South Carolina & Mississippi State

Hatin' Ass Spurrier will take the stage to crap all over something you love and mock something that we all enjoy mocking. Pay attention to this one as these players will be facing off against our Ags to launch the SEC Network. Dan Mullen will then calmly and gently explain why we should all actually be sitting up and taking notice of the giant bear trap being laid in Starkville. He will then lead the crowd in song while handing out juice boxes,

Session 2 - Texas A&M & Tennessee

A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin will stand up right in front of us to SQUUUUUUEEEEEEEEE! Later Butch Jones will try to get our attention but we just can't seem to keep a thought in our head..

[message becomes garbled, is cut off by string of #SECMDAfterDark hashtags and cryptic rumblings, followed by photo of Chik-fil-A sauces...]

Honestly, if you missed yesterday, check it out and get caught up. Today's the big day with KDS and HBC at the podium, so we'll be bringing that starting this morning. And we also woke up to this, so we'll see if that goes anywhere: