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Daily Media Bull 7.14.14

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

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AND SO IT BEGINS. The gents are live in Hoover and will be hitting you in the face all week with crazy SEC Media Days action. Here's the main hub, so stay tuned. Meantime, here's a sneak preview of today's events, courtesy of Hypno-Toad:

Session 1 - Mike Slive, Auburn Tigers

The SEC Network is likely to be the topic du jour for Slive.  Will there be an announcement about DirecTV, or do they continue to hate everything that's good in the world?  Meanwhile, Gus Malzahn will forego his latest sweater vest ensemble and don a suit to answer pressing questions like "why come you beat Bama Imma hand up and listen".  Nick Marshall will not be attending due to a wicked SEC Media Daze.

Session 2 - Florida Gators, Vanderbilt Commodores

Will Muschamp will blink in silence at the stage lights before being ushered off stage.  Vanderbilt will be inundated with a deluge of questions about the players in attendence - questions like "Who are you?", "This is the Vandy football team, right?", and "Am I at the correct venue?"

In other news here are some apples and oranges for you: let's compare things because that is what we do. Kevin Sumlin is Mack Brown from the year 2000.


PREDICTING THINGS THAT MATTER. FWtCT takes a look at the dining options for each SEC coach at this year's media days. Delicious:

Sumlin is heading to the Farmer's Basket when he accidentally trips over the foot of another shopper.  That shopper turns out to be Warren Buffett, who offers to build Sumlin the first ever 200,000 seat domed stadium with chairbacks and longhorn-shaped urinal cakes.

Have a great Monday, folks. Enjoy the media frenzy. So excited for the boys.