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Daily Bull 12.9.14

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

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How to plan those last few days off you've scraped together. It's that magical time of year again and of course I mean Bowl Season and the mothership has the purtiest, fainciest, nicest bowl schedule you've seen. Scope it out so you can [cough/wheeze]call in sick[/bleuarghh] when you feel that fever coming on. Probably right around midday on 12/29 just a hunch. Of course we will have all the football goods right here leading up to the game.

PAAAWWWWWWWLLLLLL WHHHYYYYY. America's favorite radio suit had some potentially bad news yesterday for all those on the Muschampwagon:

"I think it will be a two horse race," Finebaum said. "I don’t think A&M is any longer a factor. I think it will come down to Auburn and South Carolina. I talked to two different people. One said that he thought Auburn had the edge. The other person wasn’t giving a favorite, but clearly Auburn has tremendous momentum in relation to Will Muschamp."


I shall now end this communication and await a measured response. #GentlemanCaller

"Well-rounded" that's just a polite way of saying "unpredictable." This WVU preview of the Ags points out that the teams are pretty similar, but the 'Eers have a slight edge defensively. This one's going to be entertaining, probably, and that's my only bold prediction thus far.

SWC TUESDAY. Perm those mullets and peg those jeans, 'cause the hoops squads are taking on a couple of '80s throwbacks today. WBB will be in the Metroplex to take on SMU, while Coach Kennedy and the boys are in America's Fairness Capitol Waco to take on Baylor. Plenty of analyses to follow.