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Liberty Bowl: Where Are We Watching?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

OK, Monday at lunchtime is not ideal for a football game. With one of our editors dutifully tuning in from a dentist's chair and another watching from an airline seat, I thought it would be interesting to see where other folks might be catching the action.


That's very respectful of your co-workers. Try to do better.

The Most Interesting Aggie in the World.

Watching with fans of the opposing team is always fun.

I thought they imploded that last weekend.

This is no time for existential questions; there is football to be played in a few hours.


Hell, if you're in Memphis just get to the stadium. Lots of tix still available, I've heard.

Good choice. Just don't bet on this game. At all.

I admire your pragmatism.

This is your winner. Be sure to give the Mighty Ducks speech too.

Hope y'all enjoy the game wherever you end up watching.