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Daily Bull 12.17.14

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

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KNOW THINE ENEMIES. Especially if that enemy is the Mulleted Miscreant of Morgantown. Our own oscarwildecat helps us get to know America's most caffeinated coach in his Dana Holgorsen primer.

More hardware. Four members of the Texas A&M Soccer team garnered awards from, including first-teamer Shea Groom. Coach G and the team had a historic run to the final four this year and are pretty much the team to beat in the SEC.

DC MADNESS. The shell game of SEC defensive coordinators continues, and TSK points out that South Carolina is sticking with their guy even after a terrible season defensively and being in the midst of the Muschamp rumors. He had two great seasons before this year and he replaced the guy that Auburn fired and oh this is just one big happy family of coaches. How about Durkin to Mississippi State just to balance out the universe.

Speaking of former glory, don't tease me Internet...