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Daily Bull 12.16.14

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

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GRATS, MK. Senior WR Malcome Kennedy took home the Aggie Heart Award this weekend, as voted on by his teammates. Perhaps even more impressive than his toughness over the middle is the fact that he came to Aggieland from a single-A high school to be in the top four on the team in receptions for three consecutive seasons as an SEC starter. If you're wondering how big an A high school is, the school's enrollment will fit in 3 school buses.

Team O' The Week. Coach Blair's got WBB off to an 11-0 start to 2014-2015, which is good for the longest active winning streak in the nation. All this is good for Team of the Week honors from the NCAA heading into the big game this weekend in Little Rock. The A&M-Texas matchup is part of a doubleheader, with the other game being Arkansas-Oklahoma. Coach Blair's so excited to be in the spotlight that he's invoking food metaphors.

Mr. Basketball? Now that Myles Garrett's got a stellar first year under his belt, the legend has begun to grow. Sam Khan, Jr. takes a close look at #15's path to football, including why he wears the #15 (I like the reason a lot). The article is full of great stories, but my key takeaway is the text version of Kevin Sumlin re-enacting a Myles Garrett basketball game.

"He's out there running around like a deer and he's huge," Sumlin remembered. "He comes down, catches a ball off the rim, this guy's just draped all over him -- [Sumlin then mimics a two-handed slam dunk, accompanied with an exploding sound] -- and then he turned and ran down the court and pointed at me in the stands.

"I said, 'I really like this guy,'" Sumlin said laughing. "'I'm a fan.'"

Splosions, y'all.

Have a wonderful Tuesday. We'll do our best to keep you entertained.