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Daily Bull 12.15.14

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

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LTU. #70 was named to the Walter Camp All-America Team on Saturday, making him the third different left tackle to garner the honor in the last three seasons. All three guys were in the same recruiting class, so thank you for that, Mike Sherman.

Well, that wasn't what we'd hoped for. Manziel got his first NFL start yesterday and the result was...less than stellar. Still lots of football left to be played by Mr. Football, though, and as Jeff Gray points out, he didn't have a great deal of help, either.

Meanwhile, there's an undefeated team in College Station. Coach Blair has WBB firing on all cylinders again and they're ranked #4 with an 11-0 record after taking care of business this weekend. Up next is just #3 Texas in Little Rock on Sunday in the SEC/Big12 WBB Challenge so yeah that's kind of a big deal.

Still waiting. No announcement on the DC front yet, and Kevin Sumlin is going to take his time to get it right. I know we're all getting eager to unwrap the mystery, so let's make it a December to Remember, coach. Crank up the snow machine and land on our yards in a bow-wrapped helicopter with your guy.

Indulge me in the poll, folks. I'm putting together a little guide for the bowl game in the next week or so. Have a great Monday!