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Daily Bull 12.1.14

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

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OH MY, IT IS DECEMBER. Time for bowl speculation, coaching carousels, and the rebuilding of fragile hopes. Stick with us for the next few weeks and we'll get you home with plenty of Birmingham/Shreveport/Houston taeks and maybe some football discussions as well.

Christmas Carouseling. Another major program has let go of a grumpy, defensive-minded coach. This time he was winning 9 games a year, though. Nebraska has fired Bo Pelini, so throw a few names more into the ring for this December's annual re-shuffling.

College Cuppery. Aggie Soccer is in the final four of the NCAA tournament for the first time ever after taking down Penn State 2-1 on Saturday. The tournament is in exciting Boca Raton, Florida, where the Ags will face Virginia this Friday. More to come later in the week.

Milestones. Manziel scored his first NFL touchdown yesterday and the Internet went crazy [mimics raucous crowd noise], ourselves included. NFLTAKE: Needs to get in fights more often caus it seems to motavate him IMO.