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By the Numbers: Auburn

This week is just unabashed sunshine-pumping.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday morning and no, that was not a dream. After the thrashing our psyches took over the past several weeks, we're going to just sit here and enjoy this unlikeliest of victories and bask in the enjoyment of keeping the BAS at the door. I'm sure there were plenty of things from yesterday that need improvement, but this is not where we'll look for them. Yet.

1. Blocked kicks. Myles Garrett, go ahead and add that one to your resume along with all the rest. Shrink the font down and increase the margins, or whatever people do on resumes these days.

2. Forced fumbles by Otaro Alaka. He's been a force at linebacker the past couple of weeks.

3. Fumble recoveries. I don't care how fluky they were, they still count. That's my HOT TAKE of the day.

4. TD passes for Kyle Allen. In the first half. "NBD, just gonna be a freshman starting my second game ever at Jordan-Hare against #3 in the country."

5.0. Yards per rush on 35 rushing plays. The offensive line looked more cohesive with a brand-new lineup than they have in weeks.

6. Catches each by RSJ and Reynolds. Allen seemed to slide into a comfortable rhythm with the big guys. They combined for 3 TDs and 130+ yards.

7. Scores. Five touchdowns and two field goals. Our previous seven scores stretched all the way back to our last TD in Starkville on October 4th. That's as dark as we're going to get in here today.

8. Tackles for Julien Obioha. Throw in a TFL and a crucial fumble recovery, and #95 had a pretty nice little Saturday.

54.7. Kaser's punting average on 3 kicks. Everyone's happy: on the one hand he had a huge average, on the other he only punted thrice.

65 yards. The Deshazor blocked FG return is the iconic play of the season, and my personal favorite.

118. Yards for Malcome. We haven't seen him in form like this since South Carolina. I guess he just needs to be on the road against a top 10 team to break 100 yards. Which is not a bad thing I guess.

453. Total yards. That's more than a 200 yard increase over last week. That's more like it.

1000%. Effort level and general give-a-damn-ness and all the other talking point x-factors that we internetters were wringing our hands over during the last few weeks. We don't know what the hell we're talking about.

Have a great rest of the weekend. You've earned it.